Yale Cardiovascular Research Center

General Information

Yale Cardiovascular Research Center (YCVRC) brings together under one room a diverse group of investigators interested in fundamental cardiovascular research and in translation of basic science discoveries to clinical practice.  The guiding principles of YCVRC operations are:

  • Thorough understanding of the biology of disease and its molecular mechanisms is necessary to the successful development of new therapies.
  • Advances in biomedical research are best made in the environment that promotes daily interactions between clinicians, physician-scientists and basic investigators and that facilitates.
  • Critical mass of individuals with diverse expertise promotes creativity and facilitates scientific discovery.   
  • Best science, best minds without regard for discipline or national boundaries

YCVRC faculty comes from eight different countries and four continents.

The principles areas of investigation pursued by YCVRC investigators encompass cardiovascular developmental biology, neurovascular interactions, cell signaling, genetics and stem cell biology. These are carried out using a full array of techniques utilizing mouse and zebrafish models as well as human material.

The Center core facilities include a mouse physiology laboratory including state of the art micro-CT and echocardiographic imaging, confocal microscopy (including both point scanning and spinning disk microscopes) and a zebrafish facility.

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