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Kelly S DeMartini, PhD headshot

Kelly S DeMartini, PhD

Associate Research Scientist. Psychological Medicine Service.

Paul H Desan, MD, PhD headshot

Paul H Desan, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor. Director of Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Program. Director of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Section, York Street Campus.

Dwain C Fehon, PsyD headshot

Dwain C Fehon, PsyD

Assistant Professor. Director of Behavioral Medicine Program. Attending, Transplant Psychiatry Section. Chief Psychologist, Yale New Haven Hospital.

Joseph Fickes, MD headshot

Joseph Fickes, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor. Director of Psychiatric Consultation Service, St. Raphael Campus.

Ariadna Forray, MD headshot

Ariadna Forray, MD

Assistant Professor. Faculty, Center for Wellbeing of Women and Mothers. Director, Sickle Cell Psychiatry.

Lisa Fucito, PhD headshot

Lisa Fucito, PhD

Assistant Professor. Director, Tobacco Treatment Service.

Paul Y Geha, MD headshot

Paul Y Geha, MD

Instructor. Psychological Medicine Service.

Hochang B. Lee, MD headshot

Hochang B. Lee, MD

Associate Professor. Director, Psychological Medicine Service and Psychological Medicine Research Center.

Mark Alan Oldham, MD headshot

Mark Alan Oldham, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor. Psychological Medicine Service.

Pamela J Petersen-Crair, MS, MD, MPH headshot

Pamela J Petersen-Crair, MS, MD, MPH

Assistant Clinical Professor. Medical Director, Behavioral Intervention Team.

Alice Papsun, MD headshot

Alice Papsun, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor. Attending, Primary Care Psychiatry, Yale New Haven Hospital.

Raymone Shenouda, MD headshot

Raymone Shenouda, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor. Attending, CL Psychiatry and Bariatric Psychosocial Program, St. Raphael Campus.

Kimberly Ann Yonkers, MD headshot

Kimberly Ann Yonkers, MD

Professor. Director of Research, Psychological Medicine Service. Director, Center for Wellbeing of Women and Mothers. Attending, CL Psychiatry

Paula Zimbrean, MD, FAPA headshot

Paula Zimbrean, MD, FAPA

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Surgery. Director, Transplant Psychiatry Services. Attending, CL Psychiatry.

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