Faculty Members, A-Z


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Kert David Sabbath, MD

Clinician in and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology)

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Jillian Sacco, CRNA

Instructor in Anesthesiology

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Hamita Sachar, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases)

Medical Director, Ambulatory Quality and Performance Improvement

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Aristidis Sachpatzidis, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in MB&B

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Lois S. Sadler, FAAN, RN, PhD

Professor of Nursing and in the Child Study Center

Professor, School of Nursing and Yale Child Study Center

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Basmah Safdar, MD, FACEP

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Co-Chair, Chest Pain Center

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Robert Safirstein, MD

Professor of Medicine (Nephrology)

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Mahnaz Sahraei, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

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Olga V Sakharova, MD

Clinician in Medicine (Endocrinology)

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David Kurt Sakheim, PhD

Lecturer in Psychiatry

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Arash Salardini, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology

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Ronald R Salem, MD, FACS, FRSC (Ed), FRCS(C), MBChB

Lampman Professor of Surgery (Oncology)

Section Chief, Surgical Oncology

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Peter Salovey, PhD

President and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology

President of the University

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W. Mark Saltzman, PhD

Goizueta Foundation Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and of Chemical Engineering, Head of Jonathan Edwards College

Department Chair, Biomedical Engineering

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Danielle Saly, MD

Resident Int Med Education

Instructor of Medicine

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Varman T. Samuel, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Section Chief, VA Connecticut Healthcare System