Evie Alkin

Postgraduate Associate


Evie studied Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, and graduated with First Class Honors in 2017. She also holds a BA in Philosophy. During her time at Trinity, Evie worked at Prof. Ruth Byrne's Reasoning and Imagination Lab at the Institute of Neuroscience, which carries out experimental and computational studies of cognitive processes underlying counterfactual thinking, moral judgments, and deductive reasoning. She has also worked at Prof. E. Tory Higgin's social cognition lab at Columbia University. Evie is interested in understanding the neural mechanisms influencing mental health disorders, and exploring better treatments. She hopes to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology. Currently, she is one of the research staff at the Emerge Lab at Yale and the National Center for PTSD.

Education & Training

MS Trinity College Dublin, Psychology (2017)
BA University College Dublin, Philosophy (2012)

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